Sunday, 3 July 2016

JaVar Myatt-Jones - Three Reasons to Improve Your Diet

Diet and exercise are two important aspects in your overall health. Dr. JaVar Myatt-Jones is a family medicine physician in Alabama. He is interested in weight management and works hard to help his patients stay healthy and improve their overall wellbeing. In order to stay healthy and active, it is important to improve your diet and your overall lifestyle.

You should change your diet/eating habits in order to manage your weight. A diet that consists of processed foods, sugar, alcohol, and high sodium foods can cause unnecessary weight gain. Young people may be able to consume these foods and drinks without gaining much weight, however, the older you get the more weight you may gain.

You should consider changing your diet in order to prevent future illnesses and disease. Weight gain and poor nutrition can lead to several health complications including heart disease and diabetes.  In order to avoid these diseases, you should focus on consuming foods that are highly nutritious and low is sugar, fat, and sodium.
Another reason you should change your diet is to improve your activities of daily living. A clean diet may improve the function of your digestive system and it may give your more energy. You may find yourself more active and in better general health. Dr. JaVar Myatt-Jones worked hard to build his career as family practice physician. He is focused on prevention and he is focused on providing his patients with the best care and education. 
JaVar Myatt-Jones