Sunday, 17 July 2016

JaVar Myatt-Jones - How to Become a Great Tennis Player

Dr. JaVar Myatt-Jones graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. He took some time off to help build a medical practice that was focused on weight loss and then applied to residency programs. He completed his post-graduate training at St. Joseph Hospital/ University of Illinois at Chicago and recently started working at a practice in Alabama. When he is not treating his patients, he enjoys staying in shape by playing tennis.
JaVar Myatt-Jones
If you are interested in tennis, the first thing you should do is find an instructor. A good tennis instructor can explain the rules to you, and help you learn basic swings. An instructor can also help you build the muscles you will need to use and develop your physical stamina.

Next you should take time to practice. It is important for you to become accustomed to using a tennis racket. Practice can help you improve your swing and your hand to eye coordination. The more you practice, the better you may become.

After you become comfortable on a tennis court, you should start playing against opponents. You should try to find individuals who are better players than you. This will provide you with a challenge, and you may be able to learn from those opponents.  Often there are intermural leagues and tennis clubs that can provide you with opponents to hon your skills.

Tennis is a fun sport and great physical exercise. If you are looking for a new hobby that can help you stay in shape, you should consider tennis. Dr. JaVar Myatt-Jones is passionate about medicine and physical health. He enjoys playing tennis to relax and stay in shape.  

Monday, 11 July 2016

JaVar Myatt-Jones - How to Improve Your Overall Health

Dr. JaVar Myatt-Jones studied medicine at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. He then completed a residency program in family medicine at Saint Joseph Hospital. He developed an interest in medicine at a young age and worked hard to become a family medicine physician. He cares about weight management and strives to help his patients improve their overall health.

JaVar Myatt-Jones A nutritious diet can help you improve your overall health and the quality of your life. Nutrients can help improve the function of your body and it can boost your immune system. If you want to avoid getting sick, you should focus on the foods you are consuming and how nutritious they are.

Another way to improve your overall health is to exercise regularly. If you go for a run multiple times a week, you may notice your overall health improving. Exercise increases the rate of your metabolism and it helps improve your immune system.

Visiting your physician regularly can also improve your overall health. Your doctor can help you improve your lifestyle and check your health. Your physician can also check for diseases, which could help you detect and then treat illnesses.

There are several small steps that you can take to improve your health and wellness. Dr. JaVar Myatt-Jones is a family medicine physician who has a strong interest in preventative medicine and health. He always works hard to help his patients stay healthy and strong.  

Sunday, 3 July 2016

JaVar Myatt-Jones - Three Reasons to Improve Your Diet

Diet and exercise are two important aspects in your overall health. Dr. JaVar Myatt-Jones is a family medicine physician in Alabama. He is interested in weight management and works hard to help his patients stay healthy and improve their overall wellbeing. In order to stay healthy and active, it is important to improve your diet and your overall lifestyle.

You should change your diet/eating habits in order to manage your weight. A diet that consists of processed foods, sugar, alcohol, and high sodium foods can cause unnecessary weight gain. Young people may be able to consume these foods and drinks without gaining much weight, however, the older you get the more weight you may gain.

You should consider changing your diet in order to prevent future illnesses and disease. Weight gain and poor nutrition can lead to several health complications including heart disease and diabetes.  In order to avoid these diseases, you should focus on consuming foods that are highly nutritious and low is sugar, fat, and sodium.
Another reason you should change your diet is to improve your activities of daily living. A clean diet may improve the function of your digestive system and it may give your more energy. You may find yourself more active and in better general health. Dr. JaVar Myatt-Jones worked hard to build his career as family practice physician. He is focused on prevention and he is focused on providing his patients with the best care and education. 
JaVar Myatt-Jones